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Pablo protests and protests. Children's story for children with a bad temper

Pablo protests and protests. Children's story for children with a bad temper

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Some children seem to complain about everything, and are unable to think positive. Everything seems wrong to them and they end up protesting about anything. This is what happens to the protagonist of this story: Pablo protests and protests, a children's story for children with a bad temper or a bad character who are always protesting. Do not stop reading this story with your child and explain why is it wrong that I'm constantly protesting for all. You will understand right away!

Pablo was always bored. Summer had arrived and I didn't know what to do with so much free time. He got tired of everything. If he caught the ball it took less than ten minutes to release it. If he rode a bicycle he said that he was exhausted and that the helmet gave him heat. If he took out his cars to race with them he would protest because they did not roll well.

And when he played with his friends or cousins ​​in town things did not improve. Pablo ended up arguing with everyone because he always wanted others to do what he wanted. At the end he heard the same words from his mother that only made him feel even more angry: 'we have to share', 'each one must send a little bit or everyone agree', 'if you don't know how to play together we go home'.

Summer was being difficult for the whole family. It seemed that a bad mood had taken up residence with them. Also, one day, Pablo fell off the swings because he hit too hard and broke his ankle. He cried a lot and his parents quickly took him to the doctor. They had to put him in a cast that he would have to wear for 15 days.

It seemed that summer wanted to make things more and more difficult for him. But, nevertheless, it was not like that. Being more limited in their movements he had no choice but to spend many hours sitting in the shade watching his friends and cousins ​​run and play. And that's when he used his imagination. In his head he invented great adventures and began to read many books, especially pirates, which were his favorites. Now the hours did pass quickly and he loved being on vacation.

Pablo's favorite moment was when the afternoon began to fall and to cool down. So, thanks to the tools that the reading had given him he began to write his own adventures and create your own stories. These were very applauded among his friends and Pablo always began to be very happy. Without a doubt, this had been the best summer of his life because I had discovered that when I grew up I wanted to be a writer.

And now comes the second (and perhaps more important) part of reading a story: Will your child have understood this story? Will he finally know that it's not worth being angry all day? Find out if your child was attentive by asking these simple questions and with these reading comprehension activities.

1. Simple questions
Let's start with something simple! Five questions about the argument of 'Pablo protests and protests'.

  • What was happening to Pablo?
  • Why didn't the others want to play with him?
  • What accident did Pablo have?
  • What did you do to pass the time while you were resting?
  • What did Paul decide he would be when he grew up?

2. Order the story
We don't know what happened, but a terrible spell has fallen on this story and it has thrown everything out of place. Would you be able to put each of the paragraphs in order?

  • 'Pablo's favorite moment was when it started to get dark and cool.'
  • 'He cried a lot and his parents quickly took him to the doctor. They had to put a cast on him that he would have to wear for 15 days. '
  • "If he rode a bicycle, he said that he was exhausted and that the helmet gave him heat."
  • 'Pablo ended up arguing with everyone because he always wanted others to do what he wanted.'

3. True and false
This game is one of the most fun for children, because since we are all a little liars at times and we do not want to be caught, they love to search for the truth!

  • Pablo's story takes place in the summer. V or F
  • Pablo fell off the swing and broke his wrist. V or F
  • The boy began reading pirate tales while recovering from his fall. V or F

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And we cannot finish this article without giving some advice to you, father and mother, to turn that complaint that can be dangerous and negative for the child into something positive. Take note!

- Check your attitude
Parents are the mirror where our children look at themselves, that is why it is so important that we think about what we want them to see. Have you ever stopped to think that maybe they complain so much because they see you do it?

- Find the origin
Something very important for parents to do is analyze where this complaint comes from and what we do when the child shows that behavior. Do we give you what you ask for? Perhaps you have learned that this is how you get things done.

- Maintain an assertive posture
The complaint is still a way for the child to express his feelings and concerns, but we have to make our son see that this behavior is very toxic and that he cannot maintain it over time; otherwise, a lot of damage will be done!

- Set limits
Complaining in moderation is not wrong, but it shouldn't be something that becomes a habit or routine. It helps to release tension, but after a while, you have to stop with this way of expressing yourself!

- Propose a challenge
If you see that this attitude persists over time (in adolescents it is usually very common because they feel misunderstood), you can challenge him or the whole family: 'How long will he last without complaining?' Let's make a table to see who gets more days without complaining.

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