Thanks to the children, parents can celebrate Father's Day

Thanks to the children, parents can celebrate Father's Day

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I think the younger the children are, the more sense and expectations they wear for the Father's Day celebration. What's more, I think children start to experience it when they start school. Untill there, father's day is celebrated as a family, with a special meal or snack, gathering all or part of the family.

When my daughter started school and her teacher suggested to her classmates and her that they make a craft for Father's Day, you had to see her ... her little face lit up like a light bulb. It was gratifying and extremely incredible to see her attempt to keep the secret of the gift she was preparing for her dad. In the end, of course, she ended up telling us what it was about. He has never managed to keep the surprise.

From school, my daughter brought everything to her dad. A drawing, a painting made of pebbles, a cardboard tie, a pencil holder, a mobile holder, as well as many other 'holders'. But I think that the gift that his father liked the most It was the smile of her little girl, the illusion with which she gave her gifts.

At the end of the day, for children it does not matter if their dad is classic or modern, determined or conventional, addicted or not to work, like this or roast ... they just want to please him and make him feel special in his day. Thanks to the children, parents can celebrate Father's Day.

A good day to promote family relationships. On the one hand there are the children, with their gifts, their affection ... on the other hand there are the parents, trying to give them all their attention. It is a good day for you to be together, to share experiences, games and time.

Many people say that father's Day as well as other similar festivities, it is a purely commercial day, created for consumerism, for shopping. I believe that there is something true in all this, although I believe that we can limit it and transform it into a day of memories, of awakenings, so that everyone can put the batteries in favor of the union between parents and children.

A day for them to get to know each other and spend more time together. If you are a father and you like it and you can celebrate this day with your son, I propose that you tell him his story. The story of when he was born. Children love hearing stories from when they were born. Reminding them of the feelings that invaded you when you saw him come into the world will make him feel loved and accepted.

Invite him to see the photos and / or videos of when he was still very young and you were younger. To plant a tree, take a bike ride, fly a kite, have a picnic, ... You will discover that there are fun ways to be a parent.

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