Dad, Mom, how are children made?

Dad, Mom, how are children made?

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What is our reaction to this question: Do we choke on what we have in our mouth, blush, laugh, make our children feel ashamed or unable to understand the answer?

Sexuality is an important part of our nature and of our life, and the education of our children must include this aspect in a way as normal and careful as any other of importance. We have to be prepared for questions like where do children come from? What is to make love? or other similar ones.

Sooner or later, all parents will have to answer questions like these, and it will be better for us to be the ones to give them the appropriate explanations, and not other children of the same age and situation, who may further obscure their understanding; or even worse, older children or adults who can scandalize our little ones.

Where do children come from? It is a question like any other and, even if it catches us by surprise, we should not be surprised, or blush, or evade it by saying that it is a grown-up thing and you will explain it later. As naturally as they ask, we have to satisfy their curiosity. Thinking about what we are going to say will allow us to face the moment naturally. As important as preserving their innocence is not underestimating their ability to understand, therefore, we will adapt our speech to the age and degree of maturity of our son or daughter.

These types of questions can be uncomfortable for us, either because we think that our children are not prepared to understand the implications of the subject, or because even we ourselves feel uncomfortable when talking about genitalia or sexual relations, but as Saint Augustine said : 'We should not be ashamed to name what God was not ashamed to create. Also, the question should be treated delicately; we can say things clearly, but without going into too much detail, for example, telling him that a woman and a man 'are together' or 'complement each other', but without explaining step by step what intercourse consists of.

If we ever find it difficult to find the right words or answer in a short and simple way, we can always help ourselves from a book with illustrations for children: 'a picture is worth a thousand words'. In any case, we must not give up on being the ones who solve the sexual doubts of our son or daughter.

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