Traposo Bear's nursery rhymes

Traposo Bear's nursery rhymes

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The nursery rhymes they entertain and educate children, help them develop psychologically, and by dancing they also improve their coordination. With the songs of Traposo your child can sing and dance with the mascot of

The music plays a fundamental role in the education of children. It helps them to relate to others, and is a means to express their feelings and emotions, that is why we recommend some of these Traposo Bear's traditional children's songs.

Through children's songs, in which the syllables are rhymed and repetitive, and accompanied by gestures made when singing, the child improve your way of speaking and to understand the meaning of each word.

With the songs of the Traposo bear we recover some of the children's favorite songs, illustrated in a fun and educational way and sung by our mascot. We encourage you to share these nursery rhymes with babies and children and have fun as a family with Traposo.

Learn the vowels with Traposo. Video of the song 'Learn the vowels', with Traposo. Is there anything better than learning by playing? On our site we suggest that you teach your children the vowels with this funny song by our beloved Raggedy bear. A song that children will be able to dance and sing while learning A E I O U.

The sailor dances. Song The sailor dances with Traposo bear. Children's songs of always to sing and dance. Song for children to learn the parts of the human body.

Estrellita, where are you? Sing and dance to the sweet song of Estrellita, where are you with the funny and tender Ragged Bear, our site's mascot. Through Traposo's videos, children can learn and try to answer riddles, listen to jokes and laugh a lot. They can also follow some tongue twisters, listen to children's stories, learn English, sing children's songs and much more.

Below a button. Sing and dance the traditional song under a ton ton button, found by Martín tin tin ... with the children. With this beautiful illustrated video of this song, you can enjoy a very fun time with your children. Ragged Bear also invites you to tell jokes, riddles, stories, and much more.

Susanita has a mouse. Do you remember the song Susanita has a mouse? You've surely sung them many times when you were a child. Now on our site, our beloved Ragged Bear, retrieve this traditional song so that you can teach it to your children. Sing and dance as a family ... it's so much fun!

Children's song of numbers. Nursery rhymes for children. Children learn by playing and music can be a good stimulus. Learn the numbers and to count with your children through the traditional song of the numbers

Pin pon is a doll. Pin Pon is a small cardboard doll. Guiainfantil presents you with the Ragged Bear the best songs for children. Children's songs, music for children, learn with music

Head, shoulder, knees and toes. Sing and dance with the Head, Shoulder, Knees & Toes children, and have fun memorizing some words in English. Learn parts of the body in English by playing and singing children's songs. Jokes, riddles, stories, English classes and lots of fun for children

Happy Birthday. Sing and dance the traditional Happy Birthday song to the rhythm of samba with the funny and tender Ragged Bear, our site's mascot. Congratulate the birthday of the little ones and make their day special. Congratulate on birthday and have a birthday party

At the back of the potato. What if we teach the children the songs that we learned in school? Our site brings you the traditional children's song for children that they will sing and dance in the schoolyard: The potato circle. The whole family will have a great time!

An elephant swayed. On our site we suggest you sing the song An Elephant Swayed with Rag Bear. Sing with the children the nursery rhyme of an elephant, music helps to develop the stimuli of the baby. If you don't know it, here is the letter of an elephant swaying

Five little wolves. If you do not know the lyrics of the song Cinco lobitos, learn here with the children. Ragged Bear sings with the children the nursery rhyme of five wolves, a good way to develop the musical stimuli of the baby.

The yard of my house. Sing and dance with the children the popular children's song El patio de mi casa. If you don't know it here you can find the lyrics of the song. Sing the most popular songs for children with Rag Bear. With this video you can learn one of the children's favorite songs.

I have a doll. I have a doll dressed in blue, help to learn to add, easy addition children singing. Guiainfanti.coml presents you with the Ragged Bear the best songs for children.

Song of the alphabet. Song for children to learn the alphabet and letters. A funny video where Ragged Bear teaches children the letters of the alphabet. Teach your children to read with this nursery rhyme. our site invites us to learn the best songs for children, with which they will learn while playing.

I have a milk cow. The nursery rhyme for I have a dairy cow is one of the children's favorites. Sing with Rag the traditional songs for children: I have a dairy cow and other very fun and popular songs that your children will love. Do not miss it!

Let it Rain, let it rain. Let it rain, let it rain Don't you know this song? Here are the lyrics to the song Let it rain. Sing and dance with the Traposo bear the popular children's song 'Let it rain, let it rain the virgin of the cave'. Learn by playing.

Cu cu the frog sang. Would you like to have a good time singing and dancing with Ragged Bear? On our site we suggest you sing the funny song Cu cu, sang the frog. If you do not remember the lyrics of this children's song, here are the lyrics of Cu cú, sang the frog.

Noah's ark. Song for children. Sing and dance with Ragged Bear the funny song Noah's Ark: 'there was the crocodile, and the orangutan, two little snakes and the golden eagle ...' If you want to sing it, here you also have the lyrics of the song of the ark of Noah

The chicks say peep peep. Sing with Rag the traditional songs for children: Chicks say pio, pio, pio, when they are hungry, when they are cold. The funny Ragged Bear, Guiainfantil's mascot, brings you the music and lyrics of the chick song

I am a cup. Video of the song I am a cup, a kettle. Imitate the other Rag's movements as you dance to this song. Sing and dance with the children the dance of I am a cup, while they learn the name of some kitchen utensils. Sing and dance, here you have the lyrics of the song I am a cup.

The coachman. Children's traditional folk song for children. sing and dance with the children, develop rhythm and motor skills, learn by playing. Guiainfantil presents you with the Ragged Bear the best songs for children.

Wheels of the bus. Here you have the song 'The wheels of the bus', performed by our beloved Traposo. It is a very popular song among the little ones.

Ducklings Cua Cua. Ducklings Cua Cua, is an ideal song for babies, and in addition to having fun with its catchy melody, they can learn to count and move different parts of the body. A very good nursery rhyme to work on with children in nursery school or to have a good time with the family.

A little boat. Once upon a time there was a little boat, it is a tender children's song that has managed to survive the passage of time. A classic song that children of several generations have sung. On our site we offer you this beautiful song with the Traposo bear for you to sing and dance as a family.

Susanita has a mouse. It is fun!

London Bridge is going to fall. The London Bridge is going to fall is a Spanish version of the traditional English song London Bridge is falling down. In Guiainfantil.con we offer you a beautiful video with our mascot, the Traposo bear, so that you can sing and dance this fun song for children.

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