Your baby's first picnic - what a thrill!

Your baby's first picnic - what a thrill!

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Parents often despise the small, the simple and the cheap, right? In the midst of so many things, sometimes we forget to teach our children what is beautiful and essential, as is the case with nature.

Then one day, all of a sudden, the idea arises ... you open the window, you see a spectacular day and you propose to your partner: 'Shall we have a picnic with our baby?'

A picnic in the field will bring a thousand sensations and pleasures to your baby. In addition to allowing them to have a good time together, you will share many experiences. You are going to see the countryside, the trees, in short, nature, with different eyes. Feeling the fresh air will be great for your baby and for you.

It is very important that you do not let the rush overwhelm you or detract you from the essentials: what to bring to your baby's picnic. There is no rush, do your best not to forget anything, to ensure that everything goes well. Smell, touch, feel ... these are just some of the sensations that nature will awaken in your baby.

To make your picnic go super well, I advise you not to forget, first, to make a list of the essential things for your baby. do I help you?

1- Feeding for the baby. Don't forget to bring water, a bottle and milk (if you don't breastfeed) and baby food of your little one's favorite fruit.

2- Baby safety. In the car, the baby should be as safe as possible. It would be nice if you brought the bassinet or the stroller, so that your baby can take his nap more peacefully. The chair will also allow you to take him for a walk in the field so that he can observe nature. In any case, if you are one of the mothers who like to carry babies in their arms, don't forget to bring a backpack or baby carrier cloths, so as not to get so tired.

3- Baby protection. Baby's skin is very sensitive, both to the sun and to mosquito bites. In this case, don't forget to give him a good sunscreen with a high protection factor, and a repellent that is appropriate for his age. It is also advisable to wear hats or caps to protect your head and face.

4- Baby hygiene. Make sure to bring more than a pacifier (if your baby uses one) and changes of clothes in case the little one gets stained. It is also advisable that you bring a tablecloth large enough so that your baby can feel and move more freely, without the risk of rubbing, etc.

Well, for the rest, enjoy. The picnic with your baby will remain in the history of good memories, for sure.

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