10 foods forbidden for babies before 2 years

10 foods forbidden for babies before 2 years

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The delicate stomach of a baby does not support any food. The maturation process required by the digestive system means that the baby is not prepared to digest certain foods during the first months of life, when, in addition, only breast milk is enough to meet their nutritional needs.

However, from 6 months on, the baby needs other nutrients and pediatricians give parents tables or recommendations on how, when and in what order to introduce food into the baby's diet.

Some surveys reveal that a high percentage of children under 2 years of age already drink juice or soft drinks, have sweets or cakes. In any case, no surveys are necessary, surely you have seen more than once a baby under 24 months with a bag of sweets, industrial cookies or juices. However, these are the foods you should never give your baby before 24 months:

- Honey: this food may be contaminated with a bacteria responsible for the transmission of botulism. Also, since the baby's immune system is still developing, he could have a pollen allergy. You could even suffocate from this creamy food.

- Baubles: They are high in sugar, gum and dyes, substances totally unnecessary at these ages. Candy only contributes to childhood obesity and tooth decay in babies.

- Industrial pastriesThey are high in trans fats, the most harmful and less healthy oils such as palm or coconut. In addition, they are high in sugar.

- Nuts: they are foods that can cause allergies. Walnuts, peanuts or almonds are highly allergenic foods. It should not be introduced into the diet before 5 or 6 years.

- Refreshments: They are high in caffeine, sugar and chemical additives that can cause intestinal and gastric damage in babies. It can also cause disturbances in the baby's sleep.

- Sausages: they are one of the main sources of choking in children. They are the size of a baby's glottis that can easily be choked.

- Swordfish and bluefin tuna: They are fish with a high content of mercury so the baby should not take it until 3 years of age.

- Preserves: They contain too much salt and preservatives necessary to extend their shelf life.

- Sausages: they have a lot of salt and fat.

- Packaged juices: it is preferable to make it at home and thus avoid sugars and other components such as nectar.

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