5 dairy myths

5 dairy myths

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In matters of feedingMany times we have value judgments about the products we consume. However, there are some aspects that are not always true and that it is necessary to know, as is the case with dairy products.

It is a fact that dairy products they are fundamental in nutritional matters. Some of its benefits are that they favor the bones, that they make our body have a natural source of calcium and that they also provide vitamins.

Consuming dairy contributes to avoiding osteoporosis and also serves as a weapon against diseases, which can be avoided or reduced. The immune system is also strengthened with the dairy consumption. However, not everything is true when it comes to eating dairy products.

1. Milk is the only solution for bones: Although it is obviously important, the massive consumption of milk does not prevent us from always having healthy and strong bones. In fact, for those intolerant to lactose there are certain foods that give them the same support as those who drink milk.

2. Milk is not fattening: In small quantities, milk is essential, but if we consume it whole, it has certain levels of fat that can lead to overweight if consumed in an exaggerated way.

3. Lactose intolerant people cannot drink any dairy: This rule is not so exclusive, since although some people are lactose intolerant, they can ingest some dairy products, such as those that are lactose-free.

4. Milk does not hydrate: Just as it is a myth that we can only hydrate with water, it is also a myth to think that milk does not contribute to hydration of the body.

5. Dairy prevents cancerAlthough it is clear that they are good foods for health, it is not true that by eating them you will avoid suffering from cancer, although eating a healthy and balanced diet can contribute to a life without disease.

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