The queen of the snow. Fairy tales for children

The queen of the snow. Fairy tales for children

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The queen of the snow is a story by Hans Christian Andersen that talks about what happens in the hearts of people full of evil and all that can be achieved thanks to goodness. A short story to read to children.

Once upon a time, there was a wicked goblin who created a magic mirror incapable of reflecting the goodness of people, returning distorted and terrifying images. The goblin took the mirror to heaven to scandalize the angels, who were reflected as hideous diabolical creatures. Faced with the terror of the angels, the mirror fell to earth, breaking into millions of small glass fragments.

Years after this event, two children who were close friends: Kay and Gerda, listened to the girl's grandmother tell them the story of the Snow Queen, mistress and mistress of the Snow Bees, capable of freezing any unwary who fall under the edge of their stings.

- Together with the snowflakes, the bees form a large swarm, although she of course is the largest white bee. Sometimes he flits around the city, looks through the windows and they fill with ice, forming strange figures.

That same night little Kay stared out the window at the falling snowflakes. Suddenly, a very large one fell by the window and grew and grew until ... it became the Snow Queen! She was dressed in white, she was very beautiful and dazzling and although she was alive she was made of ice. Kay was so scared that he fell out of the chair he was on and without saying anything went to bed to sleep.

The next day something got into Kay's eye, it was one of the fragments of the evil goblin's mirror and something strange happened in the little boy because from the same moment he was never the same again. Kay started to get grumpy, made fun of everyone and all pretty things began to find ugly and horrible.

One winter day, Kay was playing in the square with her sled when a very large sled arrived. The person driving it was the Snow Queen.

- Hello, are you cold?

"A little," said Kay, who for a while had felt that her heart was about to turn to ice.

Then the queen kissed Kay on the forehead and the little boy stopped feeling any cold. He kissed her cheeks too, and Kay forgot about Gerda and Grandma and everyone else. When Gerda saw that Kay was not coming back from the square, she started looking for him. Gerda went out to look for him and he was there when he fell into a river. She thought she was going to drown when an old woman appeared with a long wooden stick that managed to bring her to shore.

- What were you doing alone in that little boat? Don't you know how dangerous it is to get into the stream? Come with me to eat something and tell me what you are doing here.

Gerda was somewhat scared, as she did not know the old woman, but she was tired and hungry so she accompanied her home. The old woman gave her cherries and while she combed her hair with a magic gold comb with which she was combing her hair, Gerda was forgetting Kay. Gerda stayed with the old woman to keep her company during the winter, but when in spring she went out to the garden and saw a rose she remembered her playmate again.

- I have to go find him! - he said, and started the search again

Gerda continued her long journey full of adventures and misadventures until after many incidents she arrived at the palace of the Snow Queen, there everything was made of snow. It was very cold and very big but everything was empty, there was no joy, no dances, no games ... Suddenly Gerda saw a frozen lake and when she approached it she could finally see Kay.

. Kay! Kay! It's me, Gerda

But the poor boy was frozen and did not move. The girl hugged him and began to cry. Her tears fell on Kay's chest and reached her frozen heart, making it melt. He kissed her cheeks and they reddened. He kissed his hands and feet and Kay began to move. The little girl cried again with joy and her tears made the little crystal that Kay had in her eye for a long time finally came out.

And they were both so happy that they couldn't stop hugging, laughing and crying with joy. When they arrived in their city, they realized that nothing had changed. Except for a small detail, and that is that they had become adults. The roses in the gutter had blossomed, and next to them were the two little chairs they used to sit on. So the two adults decided to sit there, who were still children in their hearts.

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