The new fashion for baby high heels

The new fashion for baby high heels

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Babies who are not yet walking, with high heels. It may seem like a joke to us, but it is not. The fashion for heels among girls under one year of age is increasing among fashionista moms. What Suri's mother (Kate Holmes) already made fashionable in her day, is becoming more and more popular.

The most selective North American footwear firms make a hole in their new catalog for these small shoes with no other purpose than to attract attention.

I love baby feet. Small and plump feet that enjoy showing their little fingers in the air. Most babies take off a shoe as soon as they can. The smartest ones take off both. Why do they do it? Because they don't need them! There is nothing like leaving the foot free, without friction or pressure. And babies, they hate pressure. Why put shoes on them then?

The controversy increases with this new fashion: many baby girls wear high-heeled shoes, while their mothers compete to show off as a fashionista girl. Why do they do it? Fashion. Simply fashion. There are numerous designs of high-heeled shoes for babies, created by American brands such as Heelarious or Pee Wee Pumps. They are beautiful, fun and flexible, yes, but they lack utility beyond that of posing and 'dressing up' as an adult. My question is ... can it be harmful to the baby? Not only at the level of the health of your feet. To what extent are you not already marking a path to follow? The detractors of this new children's fashion bring up the issue of sexism. Is it necessary to instill in girls from an early age that they will be prettier with high-heeled shoes?

- From 0 to 8 months: Until seven to eight months, babies do not need shoes. If it is hot, it is best to leave your little feet in the air. If it is cold, a pair of comfortable and warm booties will suffice.

- From 8 to 10 months: From eight months, babies begin to crawl. A very flexible shoe may be useful to avoid hurting your toes if you crawl in the street. Flexible shoes with the strongest toe and good grip will be the best for them.

- Since the baby starts to walk: At the moment in which babies they already stand up (around 9-10 months), bet on somewhat stronger shoes, with good adherence and strong material (better the skin) and that allow them freedom of movement. Neither big nor small. The best way to know if it is the right shoe is to insert a toe behind the baby's foot with the shoe on. If your finger goes in, it's the correct measurement.

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