Pregnancy. Glossary of terms with the letter F

Pregnancy. Glossary of terms with the letter F

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Are you pregnant and you have doubts about what is happening to you? In We have developed a dictionary of terms that will answer all the questions you have about pregnancy.

Here you will find all the terms related to pregnancy that begin with the letter F. Easy and accessible information so that you can live your pregnancy in a calm and confident way.

Luteal phase

It is the third phase of the menstrual cycle. It begins when ovulation ends and ends the day before the next menstrual period begins. The luteal phase lasts between 12 and 14 days and is characterized by the appearance in the ovary, after the release of the ovum, of a yellowish tissue that gives its name to the corpus luteum.


Tiredness is one of the symptoms of pregnancy and will accompany the pregnant woman especially in the first and third trimesters of pregnancy. It is due to the extra demand of energy that the body needs so that the baby can develop and to the greater production of blood so that the baby receives the necessary oxygen and nutrients.


conception or fertilization is the moment in which the egg is fertilized by a sperm. From that moment the cells of the egg (zygote) will transform and begin their journey to reach the uterus where they will develop throughout 40 weeks of gestation.

In vitro fertilization

Also known as IVF, it is an assisted reproductive technique to achieve pregnancy that is not achieved naturally. It consists of the extraction of ovules from the woman and sperm from the man to achieve fertilization outside the human body. The technique is carried out in a laboratory.


This is the name of the future baby that will be born after 40 weeks of gestation. The fertilized ovum, called a zygote, is called an embryo and, from the 10th week of pregnancy, it becomes a fetus. During this phase the baby will grow and mature


It is an instrument that is used during delivery when the baby does not descend through the birth canal, the mother can no longer push any more, or when the baby is incorrectly positioned. These are spatulas with the appearance of two spoons in the shape of an X that are placed on the baby's head to be able to extract it during delivery.

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