Working and breastfeeding is possible

Working and breastfeeding is possible

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Many women give up breastfeeding once they return to work after maternity leave. The demands of their jobs make it almost impossible for them to express milk and little by little, the supply runs out. Many others, anticipating the situation, begin weaning before going to work. However, even the busiest women manage to breastfeed willingly, such is the case of Argentine deputy Victoria Donda, who breastfeeds her baby even in congress.

This image of the Argentine deputy breastfeeding her baby, Trilce during a congress session has traveled the social networks. That same day, Evo Morales visited the parliament and the deputy posed with him and, of course, his daughter. A lesson for many mothers who consider that it is incompatible to continue breastfeeding and work outside the home.

Let's be honest, it's not easy, but it's not impossible either. If you have to join your job and want to continue breastfeeding, we give you some tips and tricks that will help you:

- At least two weeks before starting work get your baby used to the nipple, so that the person in your care can give bottles of milk expressed from your breast.

- Go preparing a supply of milk from a few days before, using a breast pump, not only so that the baby has his food when you are not, but also to continue stimulating production.

- When you start to work set times when you can breastfeed your child: before going to work, at night taking, when returning ...

- Take your breast pump and all the necessary equipment to work to store it so it doesn't get bad. This way you will continue to have supplies for your baby and the stimulation to continue producing milk is still active. Remember that the breast fills according to demand, if the baby does not put on the breast or you do not express the milk, it will gradually withdraw.

The first days may be difficult, strange and you even think about giving up, but if what you want is for your baby to feed with your milk ... you can do it!

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