Signs that our child has trouble reading

Signs that our child has trouble reading

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If you notice that your child has trouble reading or watching TV, you may have a vision problem. For example, when the child is nearsighted, he gets closer to books and winks when he's watching TV.

Vision problems also affect a child's reading comprehension. We tell you how you can detect a case of myopia, astigmatism or amblyopia through the way your child reads.

A vision problem can influence reading problems, it can cause difficulties when carrying out the movement that the eyes have to make in order to read. What are the symptoms ?:

- When the child skips lines or lines when reading.

- When the child uses the finger to read as a marker so as not to get lost.

- The child moves his head in a way that allows him to get closer to reading.

- All this effort that the child will take not to get lost in a line, reading the word that he has to read at all times can also affect his reading comprehension and to be able to understand well what he is reading.

What is the normal distance that we must respect to read? Usually the appropriate distance to read we call it dHarmon's presence, which is the distance from the elbow to the chin. Usually we talk about 30-40 centimeters but, we can calculate it taking this into account.

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