Awkward moments with children

Awkward moments with children

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The other day I was talking to another mother after school while my little son was staring at her, it seemed that the world had stopped for him, because all his attention was focused on her without anything being able to interrupt that moment. At last, he started pulling on my sleeve: 'Mom, Mom ... Why does that mom have such a big nose?

Then it was my world that stopped, and if a hole had opened under my feet, I would have stepped into it. The other mom, fortunately laughed, and everything was an anecdote. When discussing it with other people ... it turns out that we all have stories of those awkward moments with children!

They say that only wine, the elderly and children tell the truth, right? In the case of children, more than one of us have found ourselves in a bind with comments or questions at unfortunate moments. And it is that children are unaware of being diplomats, or that there are truths that it is better not to say. The truth is that at the time that this is happening Awkward situation We do not know where to go, but who has not laughed afterwards because his son made this or that comment.

I have done a survey among friends and colleagues and these are their hilarious stories:

- Every day before going to school, Vanessa came across the same old woman and every day she stopped her to talk to her daughter Claudia. 'Oh, how beautiful you are today', 'and, what did you do at school?', 'How many toys have the Kings brought you?', 'Can you sing me a song?' The woman loved stopping the girl to ask her a thousand questions, and Claudia generally responded reluctantly. One day, when the girl left the house in a bad mood when she saw the old woman, she snapped in her face: 'oh, the heavy of the old woman'. Vanessa swallowed hard, the old woman froze and Claudia continued on her way more than wide.

- Carolina played in the pool quietly while her mother chatted with a woman who was heavy on kilos, but had also gained a little more recently. After a while, Carolina came jumping up and down and with a big smile said to the lady: 'good, you're pregnant'. Since then, the offended woman has not spoken to Carolina or her mother again.

- In the park where Nicolás used to play, a neighbor of the neighborhood would sit on the same bench at the same time every day with his beer. He was a good man, he did not give problems, but for years he had abused alcohol. One day, Nicolás and Luis, crossed paths with the neighbor in the elevator and Nicolás looked at his father as he asked him: 'Dad, what is a drunkard?'. Luis's eyes caught fire as he stuttered an answer, although he could see out of the corner of his eye how the neighbor outlined a slight smile.

Surely reading these stories has come to mind some that you have experienced in the first person or someone you know. Share with all those awkward moments with children.

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