How long can the brothers bathe together?

How long can the brothers bathe together?

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When babies are very young, there is no problem in bathing them together even if they are of different sexes, it is more, it is recommended because they have a good time and also the affective bond between siblings is enhanced. But as children get older, there are mothers who begin to feel some confusion about when to change bathing routines and children to stop bathing together to do it independently.

It is true that for parents, bathing their children two in the same bath is a lot because it saves time, but it is also true that children will sooner or later need some independence and privacy. To know how long the brothers can bathe together, you will have to take into account some aspects.

When it comes to brothers and sisters who bathe together and are little, as long as they have a good time it is not a bad thing that they continue to bathe together. But when one of the children shows their wishes for privacy at bath time, you must respect their wish and let them have it. Although while they bathe together it is important that as a mother or father they are in the bathroom all the time with them while they have fun.

But not all mothers are comfortable waiting for their children to ask for privacy. What's more, when children begin to notice and ask about different body parts, it may be time to end the shared bathroom. These questions are totally normal and only curious, also if you teach your children that these parts are private and that they cannot be touched by others, then the shared bathroom can still be valid. Most likely, knowing this, they don't even remember that they have different areas on their body.

The reality is that there is no real or wrong reason for your children to keep bathing together or not. All this will depend on your comfort level and also that of your children. This is why you also need to follow your own wise instincts when deciding when to end shared bath time. You can stop when you see that one of your children is uncomfortable or when you feel that no more should be done.

Therefore, it will also be important to establish rules in the bathroom from the beginning so that children know that they can see but do not touch, that is, that they know that all people have limits with the body that must be respected.

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