Arouse your child's interest in music

Arouse your child's interest in music

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A saying goes that 'whoever sings his evils scares'. And I would say that whoever only listens to music also dresses in a good mood in the face of adversity. Who does not like music? The sounds of music reassure children, invite them to move their bodies and, according to a study, children who study music develop, at the same time, skills for mathematics.

The study, carried out by the University and Ohio, United States, highlighted that rhythmic relationships are numerical. Each note has a time and it is necessary to add it to assemble the measures, before passing them to the instrument. A child who receives music classes, both in school and outside of it, and even who has seen concerts in his childhood, shows an improvement in his performance in mathematics, at the same time that he increases his interest in reading. The researchers compared the relationships between boys who had music classes and their grades in language arts and mathematics, and found that those who studied music performed better academically.

If you notice that your child likes music and wants to stimulate him, it does not mean that you have to enroll him in the first music course you find. Help him develop this natural ability so that your passion for music is as constant as possible. Here are some tips:

1- Sing to your baby. Sing while you bathe him, while you play with him, or when you take him to the crib, or for a walk. Sing to him at all times that you can.

2- Play music while the baby is in his chair waiting for the porridge or for you to just pick up the house. There is a great variety of music CDs for children. Choose the quietest for the end of the day, and the busiest songs for the middle of the day.

3- Make your baby listen to various rhythms: classical music, salsa, samba, rock, etc. Later it will be he who will decide which music he prefers.

4- Play with your child with musical instruments: A stack piano, a flute, a tambourine or a xylophone.

5- Play to create sounds with disposable objects. With bottles full of rice, with containers of yogurt filled with beans, etc.

6- Take it, whenever you can, to a concert or to a musical show, or to a theater presentation.

7- Play with your child to games like the dance of the chairs or the dance of the statues. And if you notice that your child's interest in music is growing, you can enroll him in a children's music school. You will not regret.

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